Oleo chemicals

Agarwal group is not only pioneers in edible oil manufacturing but also deal in supply of various olechemicals to our customers all over the world. These are mainly used for niche applications such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber, leather, textile, paper, candle and animal feed industries.


The following are the Oleochemicals as supplied by us:

Stearic Acid:

*customer demands as per specified etc. Tailor made stearic acid can be supplied Packing in 50 kgs in HDPE bags or as required by customer

Produced from vegetable oil derivatives as PFAD, Palm stearine, etc using splitting and distillation process. Main applications are Rubber industry, textile, pvc pipes, cosmetics, confectionery, soaps, candles etc.

Fractionated Fatty Acids:

Products include: Palmitic, Stearic,Lauric, Oleic, Erucic or combinations of these fractions etc.

* products tailored to customer specifications can be supplied Packaging in 50 kgs net content (flakes or prills, in Laminated hdpe bags)

Fractionated Fatty acids are derived from various vegetable oils such as palm oil, rice bran, soya , coconut oil, palm kernel etc. and their fractions using fractional technologies. Main applications are in Cosmetics, soaps, cutting oil, textiles, greases, Animal feed etc.

Distilled Fatty Acids:

Products include: Distilled soya fatty acid, distilled sunflower fatty acid, Vegetable oil fatty acid, Rice bran fatty acid, Distilled coconut fatty acid etc.

Distilled fatty acids from various vegetable oils such as rice bran oil , soya oil , sunflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, etc. These are mainly used in lubricants, fatty acid esters, textiles, paints etc.

Refined Glycerince:

Products supplied: GLycerine USP/BP/IP/CP/IW of purity min. 99.8 to 99.95 %
Packing: 250 kgs. Net content in HM HDPE barrells

* specifications can be varied as per customer requirement.

GLycerince is a clear, sweet liquid which is produced during splitting of vegetable oils. Glycerince can be varied as per customer requirement. Major applications are Pharmaceuticals , cosmetics, soaps, alkyd resins, paper manufacturing, liquid in electronic cigarette etc,

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